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Inside Pianoglobe, you'll get

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Video Interviews

1st week of each month, a new Interview will be released, where we talk with a piano professor on camera.

Q & A's

4th week of each month we will do a Video Q&A in our Facebook Community to answer any questions

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Filmed lessons

2nd week of each month, a filmed lesson will be released. It can be a regular lesson or a masterclass.


Resources and helpful links

Practical Take Aways

3rd week of each month we help you to listen behind the lines in the interviews and lessons, and translates it to practical take away's for your rutine

Pianoglobe Community

As a member you are invited to join our Community in our Facebook Group "Pianoglobers"

IMAGINE where you'd be if you had knowlegde from professors from all over the world..

juan ignacio

"On Pianoglobe you can listen to others' points of view which is highly enriching and helps put everything in a wider perspective. Since music performance is not a 'unique solution' subject, students can learn different approaches from other professors that could help them build their own approach. Furthermore, I believe Pianoglobe will be providing a great balance between the costly masterclasses and the unexplained YouTube videos."

Juan Ignacio Fernandez Morales

Concert Pianist and Piano Professor at Malaga Music Conservatory in Spain (Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Malaga). For more info, go to his YouTube Channel, that has more than 100.000 views.

Alan Sommer

" As a professional freelance musician you always have to stay on top of your game. Pianglobe is a brilliant idea for pianists worldwide to keep improving and motivating them selves. I’m sure Pianoglobe will grow into becoming a strong resource for pianists but also for musicians in general." 

Alan Sommer

Well known and established trumpet player and arranger living in Berlin.  For more info go to his website

Gustav Piekut

"Pianoglobe is a great idea and something that students and teachers may benefit from a lot. The potential for broadening one’s artistic horizon and at the same time expand one’s professional network is very much at the heart of the idea of Pianoglobe. I wish the project strength and success, and that many people will discover Pianoglobe!"

Gustav Piekut

Pianostudent at the Universitat der Kunste in Berlin. Winner of numerous competitions and awards. Listen to one of his strong prize winning performances here.

Katrina Jønsson profil

" I’m very excited for Pianoglobe to launch as I think Pianoglobe will become a new professional source of inspiration for me. ​Being a piano teacher with a ​full ​time ​schedule​ and a limited budget​, I find it difficult to fit in time ​to​ attend conferences and lectures​ abroad​. ​Having access to​ videos with​ ​piano ​professors​ from different parts of the world​ ​and​ getting to share​ and discuss​ th​ese with othe​r​s ​will be​ ​a brilliant tool that will improve my professional competence.​"

Katrina Louise Jönsson

Owner and teacher at the pianoschool "Melodia" in Copenhagen since 2011, teaching piano for all levels and ages. For more info (in Danish) go to her website.

Laurent Boullet

" PianoGlobe gives an answer to piano student’s most crucial questions. It provides them with comprehensive tools to find out pedagogical approaches and musical orientations fitting to their needs, enabling them to better choose in which renown institutions they might start or continue their education. PianoGlobe has the potential to become the reference search engine for piano pedagogy: in situations of an overabundant offer, a precious gain of time and efficiency!"

Laurent Boullet,

Became head of the department of “Music Physiology” in 2003 of the prestigious „International Piano Academy-Lake Como“ as well as member of its faculty. To learn more about Boullet and his career of teaching prestigious pianists and giving lectures worldwide, go to www.pianophysiology.com


" Pianoglobe is masterclasses arrived in the 21st Century. When I was a student I was looking for something like pianoglobe, but the time was not ready. Now it is - looking forward to see pianoglobe growing and becoming THE pianoglobe."

Andreas Kern

Among MANY other initiatives, Co-creator of PIANO BATTLE, that has been performing for sold-out audiences in Europe, the United States and Asia, including a 2013 open air spectacle before 7,000 fans in Taiwan. For more info go to his website.

And, in case we haven't met yet...

portræt sort hvid

Hi, My name is Rikke Klitskov, founder of Pianoglobe, from Denmark but currently living in Berlin, Germany.

I started my professional piano studies in Malaga Conservatory, and later moved to Berlin where I studied piano performance and physiology with Lake Como teacher Laurent Boullet. I got my diploma of piano performance in 2015 from the Trinity College of Music in London. I have been teaching piano from 2003-2016 where I started interviewing lots of professors. What I learned from interviewing more than 30 professors in 8 states and 4 countries was so awesome, that I through trial and error switched my focus to finding a way I could help pianists worldwide to learn from the massive amount of insights there are hidden in lesson room all over the world, so they could get in on the treasure as well.